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Restoration & Repair

Restore old, damaged, torn or faded photographs. With our instore specialists we can bring your old cherished and special photographs back to their former glory. All photographs, negatives and slides are scanned under high resolution with dust removal and colour correction. Faded colour photographs can be brought back to their original colour. Old black and white and sepia given a new life. Tears can be repaired, creases and folds taken away, scratches removed, people and objects removed.

Whatever the issue is with a photograph, our staff will be able to offer the best advice as to what can be done with it. Images can even be emailed into us at enniskillenphotshop@gmail.com and we will give you an estimate on what it may cost.


Below are guideline prices for some of our restoration and repair services:

  • Fading / Rips £15.00
  • Damage to Face - £20.00
  • Parts of Photo Missing £25.00

The repaired image can be reprinted to any size or applied to any of our products such as a canvas, photoblock or mug for example.

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